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Saffron known as “Health Flower”, “King of Spices” and “Red Gold” is the most precious and ancient heritages of Persian Empire which originates from Alvand Mountains. The cultivation of this plant returns to many years before birth of Christ and develops in low-raining areas with cold winters and hot summers. Also in some ancient civilizations like Greece, Egypt and Italy this plant is common among people. More than 90% of saffron in the world is produced in Iran from which about 95% of total quantity is produced in Southern Khorasan province. Saffron is one of the oldest and certainly amongst the world's most expensive spices. The flavor, aroma and coloring properties come from the red part of the stigma. Iran is the single largest producer of saffron, which is called the Iranian or Persian Saffron with 200MT to 250MT production per year. Iranian saffron is much more known in the world for its excellent, pleasant aroma and high coloring capabilities. It has traditionally been grown in the northeastern region of Iran, known as Khorasan. This place has ideal soil and climatic condition for the crocus crop. Iranian Saffron is available in different grades depending upon the part of the flower and the way it is dried. While, the best grade saffron is categorised as Nagin (All red), other grades include Sargol, Pushal (Mancha) and Daste (Bunches).

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medical properties
Me di cal
medical properties

saffron has a bitter taste which helps easy digestion. researches indicate that active elements like picrocing which is bitter component and crocine a coloring agent exist in saffron which can prevent formation of tumor is tissues. also saffron decrease the amount of lipid in blood serum. it is anticamcerT anti-alzheimer and anti-parkinson. physicsianand chemists belived on special medicinal features of saffron and modern science approves it. some of these featuresinclud cheering T skin sotfner and fresherT health and power and antidepressant. saffron is vastly used in medical, food, chemisty and cosmetic industry

saffron usage
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why saffron is good for you ?

the percious iranian natural spice as called red gold is saffron, which has many usage because of natural coloring, aroma, taste, and different chemical substance that could be seen in nutrition facts, nowadays is using in various of field such as:
food industry, food and beverages - medicinal and pharmaceutical - cooking - cosmetic - perfumes - flavoring - best precious gift - Dyes

the energy in foods:
1 gram Carbohydrate = 4 Kcal
1 gram Protein = 4 Kcal
1 gram Fat = 9 Kcal
1 gram Alcohol = 7 Kcal

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